Sunday, 7 July 2013

NOTD - Candy Crunch

This colour reminds me of Barbie, its so pretty and girly! My nails are a little damaged from having acrylics on for so long, but this colour definitely makes them look much better! The colour is Candy Crunch from Factorie, a clothing store which sells pretty cheap clothes sort of equivalent to Supre' but sells mens clothes also. If you have one near you, you should definitely check out the nail polishes cause they are really cheap and have a lot of really nice colours. 

My Michael Kors Watches.

Silver Catwalk Chronograph Watch:

This watch I received last October for my birthday and have worn it almost everyday since. I often get comments about how big it is, and thats half the reason I love it. Its heavy and beautiful and has been a staple in my everyday jewellery since the day I got it. It was purchased from ASOS for about AU$300 - $400 I am not positive as it was a gift, but I remember looking at it online for weeks before contemplating on whether I should buy it for myself. 

Gold Runway Watch: 

I have only had this watch a couple of weeks now and haven't had a chance to have a link taken out so its fits better yet but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it up my forearm. I am head over heels in love with this watch, I have always worn silver jewellery and will definitely still occasionally wear my other one but especially for dressing up I think gold is so much more dressy if that makes any sense? I have never really thought gold suited my skin tone but I couldn't disagree more now after wearing it. I had been eyeing this watch and the Rose Gold one off for a little while on ASOS but I got an email notification about a sale on BrandsExclusive and couldn't resist buying it while it was AU$259 rather than over AU$359 on ASOS. I adore this watch and I am so glad I got it, going to be a staple and will be wearing it a lot so prepare to see this watch in some OOTD posts etc. This watch is two toned as you can see on the band but I am not positive what the other tone is, does anyone know? If so, let me know!

LUSH Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic.

I told you guys I was going to do an individual post on the LUSH Bath products I tried and this one was definitely my favourite one. This is going to be a short post as there isn't too much I have to say about this product besides, if you haven't tried this and you are a bath addict like I am, you should definitely try this one out! This is probably the most talked about, that I know of anyway and I now know why.

It smells beautiful, it looks beautiful and just makes the bath even more luxurious and I think there is nothing more relaxing. The petals at the top of the bath bomb actually feel like rose petals when they are in the water and my skin felt so nice and soft after getting out of the bath. Another thing I loved about this product is it left my skin with a subtle sweet smell which I love!

If you have any LUSH recommendations please leave them in the comments below because I would love to try them!

Frank Body Coffee Scrub.

Safe to say - This is my newest obsession. 
If you love the smell of coffee and having soft skin, you need this in your life. Not only does it smell amazing, make your skin feel amazing it also helps blood circulation which decreases the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Each time I wash off my fake tan, I follow it up with this and my skin  is left looking and feeling great.

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the back of the packet (pictured above), by leaving the scrub on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes there is a slight oil residue left on your skin but it isn't overwhelming or overbearing - if you have oily or combination skin it advises you should wash your skin with a light body wash afterwards which is what I do. 

I have never had bad cellulite or stretch marks but I do have slight marks of cellulite on the highest part of my leg just under my bum, its never been something that I have been embarrassed about because it isn't very noticeable but I notice it, so when I noticed it becoming even less obvious I was extremely happy I purchased this product. I will absolutely be repurchasing this product as it makes my skin look and feel incredible in only a few washes, I definitely noticed my skin felt softer and smoother after the first use.

Purchase yours here  to get the same amazing results! I can honestly not say enough good things about this product, so go check it out to get dirty with Frank!