Friday, 7 June 2013

LUSH AvoBath Bath Ballistic.

As I mentioned in my LUSH Haul, a few posts ago, I plan on doing a couple of reviews of the products that I got. The first I used was the AvoBath Bath Ballistic as I think this one I was most intrigued about; while everything else I got was quite floral and girly this one was quite different. The scent is very fresh, a little bit minty I think. While a lot of bath bombs make the water feel thicker, this did not do that as much although after getting out my skin felt lovely.

Although green bath water isn't the most appealing idea, this was definitely a great product and I am so glad I tried it. I usually gravitate more towards very girly scents when it comes to baths as you might have noticed in my haul post, but this one is definitely worth checking out and I will definitely repurchase this. I think it'd be great in the summer! 

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  1. I love Lush but this is one I haven't tried :) I think I need to use up mu stash of lush bath bombs before I buy more but this is on my wish list x