Monday, 29 April 2013

MAC Haul.

Today I was a little bit excited to have this delivered to my desk at work - this haul includes a couple of things I have used before and love, and a few new products I have been wanting to try. 

Prep & Prime is one of my favourite everyday products, this is my third or fourth bottle and I find it really works for my skin. If anyone wants to know more about this product I will definitely do a more in depth review.

MSF Natural - I have used this powder once before and I liked it but I didn't really find it as great as everyone says. I have a few powders I always swap from whenever I feel like a change and I heard this powder is great with Face and Body foundation so decided to give it another go.

Face & Body Foundation - I have been wanting to use something more sheer for an everyday foundation, and since using my Clarisonic (review coming soon) I finally feel like my skin is getting to a point where I can start using less coverage. I will definitely let you know what I think of this product because I was always getting questions on my old blog about which MAC foundations I recommend. The first thing that is a big difference between this and any other I have tried is the packaging for one, but the consistency is like none I have ever tried before. If you have tried the Maybelline BB Cream, the consistency is very similar.

Select Cover Up Concealer - I got this because I really wanted to start using a liquid concealer for under my eyes. I have been using cream concealers such as; Studio Sculpt, Benefit Erase Paste & Boing and just felt like it was time for a change.

Eyeliner (210) Brush - I got this brush because for the last few months I have been using more and more liquid eyeliners. I have Blacktrack Fluid Line and haven't quite mastered using this yet so I am hoping this will help.

Powder Brush (134) - This was very pricey for a brush ($109AUD) which I would normally never spend on one brush but thought this was definitely a staple brush to have in my collection as I don't have a brush like this. I feel like it is so dense I won't be wasting as much product like I would on brush with more sparse bristles. 

Fulfilled Plushglass - This is my first Plushglass and my first impression is a very very good one. It smells amazing, the colour is just gorgeous and I love the way it makes my lips tingle. Plushglass lipgloss are made to make your lips look more full by "plumping" them. I have used some strong lip plumpers, such as Napoleon Perdis Love Bite (which I find ridiculously painful). However this one definitely isn't painful at all.

If you want to know any more details on any of the mentioned products, feel free to leave them in the comments but I am more than likely going to talk more about these products after using them a bit more.

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