Wednesday, 20 March 2013

15 Random Facts - Tag

1. I am currently studying Human Resources.
2. I am addicted to teeth whitening and pretty nails.
3. I am getting a boob job, in 7 weeks and counting! 
4. I have a white maltease puppy named Coco and I absolutely adore her.
5. I speak really fast. I always find myself having to remember to slow down so others can keep up.
6. I will be celebrating my 21st birthday this October on a cruise to Vanuatu.
7. I am addicted to TV shows on DVD, I can't watch them when they air on TV as I am much too impatient to wait a week to see what will happen in the next episode.
8. I am terrified of snakes. I often have nightmares that I will find them in my bedroom.
9. I have more perfume than any one person would ever need.
10. My favourite handbag is my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier Ebene which I use everyday.
11. I live a healthy lifestyle and love exercise. I have a slight addiction to Lorna Jane.
12. I go through strange phases of foods, at the moment it is sweet potato and can never get enough of it.
13. I drive a White Fiesta 2012 Hatch, and people would be shocked if they knew what I was listening to.
14. I wish I could pay someone to play with my hair and tickle my back every night.
15. I plan on getting a tattoo in the next few weeks, but I am such a sook when it comes to needles!

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