Monday, 25 March 2013

Moroccan Oil.

This product has done absolute wonders for my hair. It makes it feel healthier, stronger and look shinier. I use the 'Light' formula because I have thin hair and don't want my hair to feel greasy. I usually run it through the mid lengths to ends of my hair after towel drying and washing it, and before blow drying it. Or run it through my ponytail at night and washing it the next morning so it doesn't feel too greasy.

I also LOVE the smell of this product - just a weird fun fact for you there.

I find with oil based products, the packaging gets really oily and gross and I absolutely hate it. Sort of a pet hate I suppose because it puts me off using it completely just because the bottle goes gross, but this product doesn't do that. Hallelujah! It has a screw cap lid and is really easy to use which I love - and I have the travel size because it takes forever for me to use up and easy to just chuck into my bag when travelling. 

It cost me about AU $26ish which isn't cheap especially because it is 25mL bottle, but a little bit definitely does go along way so it does last a while. Overall, I love this product! 

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