Saturday, 18 May 2013

Drugstore Haul

As I was waiting for my pain meds script to be filled, as always I wondered around the makeup aisles of Priceline. If you don't live in Australia; Priceline is the equivalent of a "drug store" it is a chemist and also sells makeup, skincare, hair care products etc. They recently had a 50% off sale which I missed, I didn't really know about it until it was over because I had put myself on a spending ban and hadn't been to Priceline in weeks. Since seeing everyones hauls off what they got in the sale I was a bit frustrated I hadn't gotten some of the things I had been eyeing off for a while until I remembered, I don't need anymore makeup! But on one of the Haul videos I watched I believe it was Karissa's (satnightsalrite) Haul video and then she did another first impressions video where she used the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation - (below) and I was dyeing to try it.

When I was in high school I tried some other whipped foundations that I liked and I did like the original Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation so I have very high hopes for this product. The shade is absolutely perfect on my skin and I think I was just looking for a change in my foundation routine so this seems like the perfect product to change it around a little bit.

The next things I got are nail wraps! I had to take off my gel nails for surgery on Friday so thought this would be the perfect time to try these out. I got some Sally Hansen ones (below) because they were 50% off the entire range, but I am mostly excited about the Elegant Touch wraps (above). They are in such gorgeous designs and the pastel striped ones will be perfect for an accent nail when doing pastel nails. I can not wait to try these out when I am a little more mobile (as I had Breast Augmentation three days ago) and will be posting some NOTD's for sure using these in the very near future.

The Sally Hansen nail wraps I got were two glittery ones, one in gold and the other is a dark blue and then a plain neon pink which I thought was cute. I haven't really jumped on the neon nails bandwagon yet but this might just be the beginning. I am still loving having gel nails using the LumiNail kit but these look so quick and easy and I can't wait to try them out. The last product I got was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - this product was also half price and seemed like the perfect time to get it as it was only about AU$7 which is a really good price and since using LumiNail my nails are always very weak and fragile after taking off the gel which I hate. I think I'll be using this product whenever I don't have gel nails in hopes it will improve the strength and overall appearance of my nails but I will keep you posted as to whether or not it actually works.

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