Wednesday, 22 May 2013

LUSH Haul.

I absolutely love LUSH products, I particularly like some of the skin care products and one thing I really want to try are the face masks - not sure which one I want to try so if you have tried any and liked them or disliked them please let me know and I'll have to check them out.

This haul is mostly bath products as I love relaxing baths and haven't used any of these in such a long time so thought I would try some new ones. 

I got two 'Ballistics' one in 'Avobath' and 'Sex Bomb'. I haven't opened them up to take photos because I am going to do a seperate post on each one while using them so I can show you what it looks like in the water and what I think of them but I can't wait to try these so expect those posts in the near future.

I also got two 'Bubbleroon Bubble Bar' - that look like macaroons and are so cute! The first I got it is 'Yuzu & Cocoa' and I think that it kind of looks like a pumpkin scone! I don't know what yuzu is but I was hoping it would smell chocolatey which I don't think it does but I am looking forward to trying it, and the second is 'Rose Jam'. I basically got this one because it sounds so yummy, and smells exactly like roses which is super girly.

And the last thing I got is 'Porridge Soap' which I got because I have heard good things about it, so I will let you know if it meets my high expectations.

I love LUSH products, I think they are the best to pamper yourself and also make great gifts. All of it is pretty affordable, the moisturisers I find a little pricey but all of the ones I have tried are amazing. I'd love to try some other new products, so please let me know what your favourites are!


  1. I loooove the Ballistics! They're so much fun and they make the bath so pretty!
    I love love love your blog, I've followed you - would really love if you would have a look at my blog tooo and follow back if you like it! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. Bet it smelled gorgeous when you opened the box
    Lovely haul followed you just started blogging myself hope you follow back

    Nikita x

  3. I love their face masks and their shower gels! x

  4. Hi Emily,

    Loving reading your blog this morning, I've also heard good things about porridge soap so looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

    My blog is still a baby in the blogging world, so I would really appreciate it if you had a moment to pop over and give me some feedback!

    Happy new follower,

    - from a fellow Emily ! xxx

  5. Hi hun,

    I LOVE Lush products. Can't wait to have haul soon now I've found they have a shop at Waterloo station :)
    I love your blog and am now following you on GFC.

    I'm currently having a giveaway at my blog for a beauty hamper and it would mean so much if you checked it out!
    I look forward to your next post xx

  6. I've never actually had anything from Lush! Love the names they give things though haha!

    Lovely blog!

  7. I want to try lush so bad, but my nearest counter is 45 minutes ago, so I haven't made it down there yet. The bubble bars seems like so much fun :) xx

  8. love all the stuff from lush! also love your blog, just followed! would love if you could check out mine!xo

  9. I love LUSH so much, I did a post on their emotional brilliance cosmetic range. The next time I'm in there I'll be buying some of these products, they smell so good and leave skin so soft and summer ready :) x